Wallem – Branding

Our challenge was to relaunch and reposition Wallem, a 110-year old brand, without compromising the strength of its long heritage.

It was not a simple logo redesign and re-launch strategy: our approach was to carefully craft core brand messages that paid tribute to the past but also projected Wallem into the future.

A brand story book and brand proposition tagline repositioned the brand within the industry and made quite an impact.

“Since implementing our Corporate Branding project with BlueCurrent, we have had a tremendous response from the market both in terms of general awareness of the Wallem brand, but more importantly our clients improved understanding of the diversity services we provide under the Wallem brand. The rebranding project has also had a huge impact internally in helping promote inter-divisional cooperation and cross selling of services,” said Nigel Moore, General Manager Business Development of Wallem Group.