Brand Hong Kong 2017 – Branding

Click on each creative to link to the 30-second online commercial

A year on from our original campaign, BrandHK was keen to continue a storytelling approach with a new series of commercials. Our brief was to capture all of Hong Kong’s attributes and characteristics that make the place distinctive, memorable and identifiable.

Our core insight was that to show is more powerful than to tell.

Through video storytelling that showcases the evidence behind the claims of Hong Kong’s attributes, we make our communications more authentic, more believable, more effective.

In ‘Our Tall Story’ we use the perception of Hong Kong as just a place of high rise office towers to tell the story of the city’s many and diverse attributes and advantages.

In ‘Wall to Wall Creativity’ we go beyond the glass walls of Hong Kong’s many modern commercial buildings to showcase its many creative talents and activities.

In ‘Made in Hong Kong’ we leverage Hong Kong’s legacy in making things for the world to promote the modern day business services that bring products to market.

The campaign videos on the BrandHK YouTube channel have reached over 800,000 views to date and Facebook campaign postings have been viewed 733,000 times with 3,000+ Likes.

Most importantly, the campaign succeeded in conveying the key attributes and values of Hong Kong as ‘Asia’s World City’ through authentic and powerful storytelling.